Ben Guiron Airport information

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By phone:

Information, Ben-Gurion Airport 03 - 9755555 or *6663 Outside Israel +972 9755555

Automated recorded messages English: 03 - 9723331Outside Israel +972-9723331

Automated recorded messages Hebrew: 03 - 9723332 Outside Israel +972-9723332

Herzelia Train:

Map & Directions from Ben Gurion Airport

Directions from Ben Gurion Airport To Regency Gardens.

  1. Follow exit signs towards Tel Aviv.
  2. Follow blue signs to Tel Aviv (route 1)
  3. Stay on route 1 for about 11 kilometers. Then follow Ayalon North (route 20)
  4. Stay on Ayalon for about 22 kilometers. You will be driving through center Tel-Aviv and its outskirts.
  5. Continue following route 20 to Herzelia.
  6. After about 3 kilometers follow GREEN signs to HERZELIA PITUACH.
  7. Follow signs to Herzelia Pituach - NOT Herzelia center.
  8. Turn right at the light.
  9. At the eighth traffic light turn Right onto Wingate ST.
  10. Turn Left at the second light onto Medinat Hayehudim ST.
  11. At the end of the street turn right onto Ramat Yam ST.
  12. Continue till the end of Ramat Yam ST.
  13. The Regency is on the right (Ramat Yam #1). The entrance is on De Shalit circle.