The Herzelia Squash center

The Herzelia Squash center is the largest and most famous squash club in Israel. It is located in the center of Herzelia on Shivat Hakohavim Avenue. It offers 8 brand new courts, a cafeteria, sporting goods store, luxurious facilities for your personal needs as well as saunas. Equipment is available to rent at the gear store. Private lessons and group classes are offered here by professional squash instructors for people of all ages.

4 Shderot Hakohavim Ave.

09.955.7599, Outside of Israel dial +972 9.955.7599


09.955.7877, Outside of Israel dial +972 9.955.7877

Hours of Operation:

Sunday to Thursday from 7am to 12pm

Fridays from 7am to 9pm

Saturdays and Holidays from 7am to 9pm