Shopping Centers

The Arena Mall

The Arena Mall (5 minutes drive from the apartments) sits alongside the Herzelia Marina. The aroma of fresh food and coffee, great range of retailers and elaborate décor of the shopping center pleases all who enters. The interior design gives the visitors a feel of small Italian streets with neat round-a-bouts. Visitors can enjoy a relaxed and magical atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea through the huge glass windows, blue water and big yachts.

In the Arena Mall, there are activities for people of all ages:

8 Movie Theaters

Ya-arena a magical tour through a rainforest including adventurous encounters with a bat cave, snake valley and great wild animal surprises.

Tornado is a water world for children to sail through and meet all sorts of obstacles and challenges to educate them about team play and sharing.

Arena Play is an arcade for children and adults that offers the latest arcade games as well as bumper cars for both kids and adults together.

Address 2 Hashunit, Marina Herezlia

1.700.700.308, Outside of Israel dial +972 700.700.308

Hours of Operation:

Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 10pm

Fridays from 9am to 4pm

Saturday from 11am to 11pm (most stores open on Saturdays)