The Herzelia Museum of Modern Art

The Herzelia Museum of Modern Art features pieces made by both Israeli and international artists using different types of plastics.

4 Ha-Banim Street

09.955.1011, Outside of Israel dial +972 9.955.1011


Hours of Operation:

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to 8pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2pm to 10pm

The Herzliya Center for the Creative Arts

The Herzliya Center for the Creative Arts is a gallery that has a monthly presentation for artists who combine music, plastic art and literature.

7 Yod-Fatt Street

09.951.0601, Outside of Israel dial +972 9.951.0601

Herzelia Pituach

The Herzelia Historical Museum

The Herzelia Historical Museum features the settlers and their first days in Herzelia, and reenacts their story of arriving and overcoming challenges they faced while creating this wonderful city. The museum balcony features a unique statue of Theodore Herzel.

8 Ha-Nadiv Street

09.950.4270, Outside of Israel dial +972 9.950.4270


Hours of Operation:

Mondays to Thursdays from 8am to 12:30am

MadaTech - The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology & Space

At Madatech everyone can explore, experience, discover and learn through play and fun. Located in Haifa (about 45 minutes from Hertzlia Pituach). Madatech is dedicated to preserving, perpetuating, popularizing and promoting, the rich cultural heritage of science. Madatech also enhances science literacy among all ages and particularly fosters a love of science among children and youth – from all backgrounds and geographic locations.

The Historic Technion Building

25 Shmariyahu Levine St. / 12 Balfour St

Hadar Hacarmel 44927

Haifa 31448

04-8614444, Outside of Israel dial +972 4-8614444