Historic Sites

Apolonia Ancient Ruins

The Apolonia Ancient Ruins are located on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea in Herzelia. The original settlers who were from the Persian Empire and later exiled by Christian Crusaders. These crusaders fought and lost control of Apolonia to the Muslims led by Bybers the Sultan who destroyed Apolonia that was never rebuilt. This historic archeological tour is open to visitors for a small fee.

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Tel Michal

This ancient hillside faces the Marina and offers archeological finds from different eras of history. In 117 B.C. this hillside was a central location for trading goods from countries like Egypt and Cyprus.

The Sidna-Ali Mosqu

This mosque has an incredible view to the sea and is home to the grave of Ali-Eban-Ali. This mosque is believed to have been one of the homes to Muhamed and his family.